Andy McKinley

Andy McKinley
CEO of NewPatientz LLC

As CEO of Smile Exchange, I spearheaded a start-up concept in the dental industry and developed a footprint and brand with 6 de novo practices, over 15,000 new patients and revenues approaching $7 million in less than 4 years. The challenges with opening 1 de novo office, let alone 6, are immense. Think about it… opening a dental practice with zero active patients! Marketing is not an option; it is a requirement to get the practice launched. As such, it is vital to track the performance of any and all marketing mediums. How else can you tell what is and is not working? At Smile Exchange, we spent close to $1M annually on advertising, so it was imperative that the Cost Per Patient was known, by advertising source, of every new patient that was generated. The revenue derived from each marketing source was also tracked. This allowed us to calculate our ROI on advertising by source. We used this data to drive every one of our marketing decisions including PPC, SEO, direct mail, television, radio, 1800Dentist, ZocDoc, Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News, local newspapers, community publications, local events and more.

Industry Experience

Prior to being CEO of Smile Exchange, I launched another startup in the dental industry which required immense amounts of consumer marketing, including television. Previous to that, I was Senior Vice President of Business Development at an As Seen on TV company, where every form of television and internet advertising was tracked to the Nth degree.

I can help you implement a practice marketing platform that will give you and your team the tools to efficiently execute on your marketing efforts. This platform will allow you to calculate a true ROI for every marketing decision that you make.

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